Friday, May 27, 2005

More on how time flies

How fast time flies…


A year ago I was angry as all hell… I was given a two week notice to clean out my desk.  The reason given was that the Prime Defense Contractor that hired my company (and thus, me) had budget issues; the contract was a fixed-cost (as opposed time + material) and they had missed several deliveries (none even remotely connected to my tasks).   So the DoD had started holding back their payments, and suddenly I became expendable.


"Oh," my manager added. "Could you train 3 people to replace you before you go?"  Sure.   THEY can't afford me, but they can afford to pay 3 people to do my work.


I had worked for this prime contractor for over 7 years.  6 of those years I worked on Project J, but the prime contractor said the sun was setting on Project J.   So in the summer of 2003 I applied for and moved over to the prime's other big ticket contract in the area, Project L.     A year later, and I was done.

Oh, and to clear up the time line:  the Prime Contractor neglected to formally notify my direct employer they were cutting me; as such, my company said they could either give me an extra two weeks, or pay me through year end.  Thus, I lasted through the beginning of July.

I did a menial job for about 3 months; I hated it, and this Blog recorded my rants (see the archive for August, September, and early October).   But I wouldn't let myself stay on the bench (i.e. unemployed) for too long.  In fact, I was unemployed from the close of business July 2, through 8AM August 2;   not bad, considering how bad the economy supposedly was.


What's funny about how things work out… that old Primary Contractor, the one that said 'the sun was setting on Project J' was wrong.   There was more work to be done on Project J.  I know, because I was hired by another Contractor -- this time not as a subcontractor – to work on Project J again.    As far as Defense Contract work goes, I am comfortable where I am for the next 18 months.  Long before we get there, I'll have a clearer picture about the future beyond that mark, but that's only Project J.   This new company has its sights on other work, and I've already demonstrated my worth here, so it's not inconceivable that I could move to other projects.  


We have a scheduled delivery to make; massive database upgun to 70 sites to commence June 7th, so there is a fair amount of OT, and the likelihood of my working most of this holiday weekend.   Hey, I'll take the OT.


I'm making a comfortable enough living; yes, my legendary commute is still a pain, but that's the breaks.    But I can sit back and laugh at the irony of it all.

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