Thursday, May 12, 2005

Missed Point, once again

The debate over new standards in drivers' licencing is being misstated/misreported again:

National ID Battle Continues WIRED NEWS: Legislation supporting a standardized national driver's license may have won unanimous approval in the Senate on Tuesday, but the bill's apparently smooth passage left some jagged edges in its wake.
Supporters of the bill say it would prevent terrorists and undocumented immigrants from obtaining legitimate documents that would help them move freely through the country. Last year, the 9/11 Commission called for tightening control over government-issued IDs because 18 of the 19 hijackers in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks used U.S. IDs to pass through airport security.

But opponents of the bill say it would create a national ID card and a de facto national database -- a concept that Congress rejected when it was first proposed several years ago.

Some critics call the legislation anti-immigration because it would prohibit undocumented immigrants from obtaining a driver's license.

Excuse me... but legislation of this caliber is not 'anti-immigaration'. Anyone who has legally entered this country is eligible to get a driver's licence. What this legislation is in reality is anti-illegal-immigration. There is a difference.

Now there is a part of my thinking that does not like a national id, but current drivers' licences are so easy to obtain fraudulently that something needs to be done.

Once again, the Republican's have brought an idea to the table, and the House approved it twice, and the Senate once. It should be noted the House approved its initial presentation when it was not attached to a spending bill.

What ideas have the Democrats brought to the table?

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