Monday, May 02, 2005

Lots to say

Not surprisingly to readers of this humble Blog, I have some things to say regarding several items in the news.
To be overly brief:
  • Jennifer Wilbanks: Charge her, try her and move on.
  • Teenagers lost at sea: why did Ms. Wilbanks get all the ink and these two boys nary a mention until they were found?
  • Anti-Nuke Rally: When I was 20 these were a joke, saved only by Bruce Springsteen's music (despite his rhetoric).  Today they've become an instrument of the Communist Party, and thus as meaningful.
  • MinuteMen Project:  They're folding their tents, for now.  All of the predictions of the ACLU and radical organizations proved false.  Finally, Congress and the President may realize 'Hey, we really need to do something about our borders.'   Neither Party is sparred criticism on this point.
  • Iran and their Nukes:  Anyone still think President Bush was wrong for putting our presence in the region?
  • North Korea and their Nukes: Anyone still think President Bush's plan for multi-lateral talks was a bad idea?
  • Pope Benedict XVI: Sue has asked why I haven't said anything about our new Pontiff.  She's right, I am late with the comments, but from what I've read of the man he's the perfect choice to pick up JP-II's staff.
  • Newt Gingrich: Yes, yes, I did promise to speak my mind on the former Speaker.  You might be surprised at what will eventually evolve out of my draft folder. 

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