Monday, May 23, 2005

Idiot. Incompetent boob

So I had to put in overtime over the weekend. Big deal.

So instead of getting to work before 7:00 AM this Monday morning, I decided to get a second breakfast. Leaving the house at 5:00 AM generally makes one pekish long before lunch, and as such I usually grab 2 packets of instant oatmeal around 9-10:00, but today I had hankering for BACON (yes, yes, there are many who have tried to tell me the evils of bacon... hey, I found at least one article that defends the humble pork).

So I get to the drive through of the local McDonalds... why oh why did I not drive across the street and go to the deli? Because NJ is famous for its 'NJ Lefts' and jughandles and the like, that's why). Regardless, I went to McD's.

Hanging on the menu board is a crudely written message... I swear it was written on an unfolded napkin. I wish I had my camera to photograph it. Roughly, it look like this:

Image hosted by

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Mind you, that is a recreation. The capitalization and spacing are all accurate, but the handwriting was never as neat as this potrays.

So I talk to the speaker:

HE: Thank you for waiting, welcome to McDonalds; can I help you?
Me: Yes, I'd like a #2, coffee, cream, no sugar, that's all.


HE: OK. That's a bacon egg and cheese biscuit...... right?
Me: Yes, a # 2.
HE: You want the meal?
Me: Um, yeah, a #2, coffee, cream.. that's all.


HE: OK, a bacon egg cheese biscuit, a hashbrown, and what else?
Me: Coffee... cream, no sugar. A #2!
HE: Ok... um... that'll be....


HE: ... $3.23. Please drive around.

(I pull up to the window; the counter guy is a face I recognize as having worked here for at least as many months as I have been at my current job -- yeah, I get bacon cravings from time to time)

HE: You want cream or sugar??
Me: Just cream. That's all!
HE: Ok, that'll be..... um....
(searches for a scrap of paper... I could be wrong but it may be another napkin)
HE: $3.23.
Me: Out of four .... (as I hand him four singles).

He grabs yet another 'napkin' and a pen. I counted... it took him 52 seconds to subtract $3.23 from $4.

HE: Here is your change. Um, is my sign still out there?
Me: What sign?
HE: Our computers are down; no one knows how to work without them. I hung a sign up.
Me: Ahh... that was your sign. It's still there.
HE: Oh good.

I never want to be lectured about the need to raise minimum wage. I never want to be lectured why it's more important for schools to instill 'self esteem' in students as opposed to education. Never should someone dare to discuss 'Outcome Based Education'.

And people wonder why kids from other countries whip our asses...

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