Monday, May 09, 2005

Catching up

How is it time flies so fast? Even faster every day?

So the camp-in was a lot of fun. A great way to introduce a kid to camping. For May 6th, it was amazingly cold, and this is from a guy who doesn't get cold, even in the winter. The pre-packaged cups of juice were frozen... Orange juice freezes a bit less than at 32°, so it wasn't simply my imagination!

So as I lamely bragged, I finally have broadband. No one probably remembers how long I've been planning on this event, but it finally came true Friday. The obligatory service tech came to my home, handed me a modem and instructed me to plug in the power supply, but nothing else. He then opened his laptop, connected a CAT-5 cable to it, and handed me the other end.

"We're not allowed to handle any of your equipment." he said. "Now plug this end into the modem."

I complied, but hated every moment. Once connected, he loaded IE, and said "You're good; sign here."

That's what a $35 service call buys these days. He did wait until I got a browser window opened before he left. "I always make sure people get at least this far." If he was waiting on a tip for that extra service, he was disappointed.

Unfortunately, after he left, I found the DSL connection went down whenever I tried to access my office via Cisco VPN. The ISP Tech Support's answer was simply "Uninstall the VPN". Aren't monopolies fun??

So on this Mother's Day, I left my much-better-half and the kids to come to the office to finish the task I promised for Monday morning. I'll get my tech guys to help me sort out the VPN... then I need to find out if my wireless router and card will clash with my 900Mhz cordless phones at home; with any luck, those two tasks will be done by Saturday.

So here I sit at my desk. Not only do I generally get the impression I live in the office, tonight I am going to go so far as to sleep in it.

As some might suggest, the only difference is I am sleeping here at night.

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