Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America: Annual Report

Right Thinking Girl hits one out of the park with her Annual Report:

Let's be honest: Conservatives are winning the battles but not the war. The Conservatives in office are acting like the minority party insead of doing the job that Americans sent them to office to do, which is to beat the everliving hell out of Democrats and their stupid ideas are so that they are left paralyzed and bleeding on the bar room floor for decades to come.

For some, her language may be a little harsh, but it is nothing that hasn't crossed the minds of many in the is country for some time. Regardless of tenor, her message is clear:

Tip for the right: remind your leftist friends that this is not Burger King, you don't get it your way when the other party is in office. We sat through Clinton and Reno; it's payback time.

It is true: some may bristle at the term 'pay-back time', but as she clearly points out:

It's the President's right (and obligation) to see his ideals put into action in the judicial system. You don't like it, you can find a constitutional way to defeat the nominee, but you do not have the right to filibuster judicial nominees

Add to it the mandate of the people: note the win of the President, and the gaining of seats in both houses of Congress... clearly, the country does think the Republican's are heading in the right direction, and only the minority party seems wholly disappointed.

Other's may find her advice objectionable:

The economy is fine. If you're poor, you're not working hard enough. Also, you probably don't have much imagination or industry. Again, it's not society: it's you and your loser attitude.

A lot of people will hate that line. Oh well. I am not rich, but I am not poor. It is no one's fault I am not as rich as I'd like to be. I make choices and sacrifices: my daily commute amounts to a second job (4 hours daily), but I can afford my standard of living this way. Does it bite? Sometimes, yes. But I make time for what matters.

The Right could make this country better by forcing our representatives to actually represent our interests.
Amen to that!

If you aren't sufficiently angry yet, read the rest.

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