Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Rude Family

THE SCENE: Turkey Hill Minit Mart. Like a WaWa, or for those outside mid-Atlantic, a smaller 7-11 type establishment. Self Service gas station with 6 pumps; 4 vehicles are at the pumps; 3 with drivers pumping, one, a Dodge Durango, sits by itself. I was bringing my much_better_halfs car to fill-up (I get my gas daily in NJ, where the silly law prohibits self-service, yet the gas is $.13 cheaper than the 2.15 I pay this evening).

Two of the pumps are out of order, so I wait, expecting the Durango driver to return.

Out of the store comes a couple and 4 kids, each with a coffee or other drink. Walking slower than snails. Two of the kids are arguing, one is running and jumping about, one is glued to the mother. The 6 stand about the Durango for a more than 20 seconds, then slowly start to climb aboard.

All but one son.

Who then starts to pump the gas.

Could you be any more rude?

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