Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random Musings

  1. Congressman Tom DeLay: No one in the GOP (save the President) has been vilified as much as Rep DeLay since the days of former Speaker Newt Gingrich. Why? He, like Gingrich, is effective. Since everything Rep. DeLay is accused of are matters that are well documented, there is really nothing I see that is wrong or patently unethical. Hiring his family? Since it wasn't public monies paying for it, so what? Did they pay taxes on the income? Enough said. Going on junkets? If I had my way, probably 60% or more of all junkets and the like would be ELIMINATED. Does that mean he's 'unethical'? No. "He gerrymandered Texas!" So? Show me one pol that didn't engage in that age-old practice; the difference being with computerized demographics, its painfully accurate these days.

    But does he do the job he was elected to perform, and he does it damn well. THAT is the reason he is such a target.

    Ethics do matter. I hesitated to write this post because I am afraid I sound like 'Congressman so-and-so of the DNC did this, so DeLay should be given a pass.' No ethical violations should be given a pass; but to date, everything that Congressman DeLay is accused of is out in the open, well documented, and legal. Change the law if you have a problem with behavior, but defeat the person at the ballot box if you simply despise him.

  2. Senator Hillary R. Clinton: A lot has been written about the former first-lady and esteemed junior senator of the great state of NY (my birthplace). Six years ago I found her name registered as a presidential candidate on the FEC website, so I knew back then she had plans to run for president. And why not? She has public experience, has had a hand in running the office (remember the first 'co-presidency'?), and - no question about it - she can win.

    This doesn't mean she should win. Already the MSM is painting her as moving toward the center, when there's nothing in her legislative record to justify such a review. Remember, this is a Senator who once tried to put 1/7 of the nations GDP under federal control... no leopard changes spots that quickly. And the hateful rhetoric she speaks belies the claims that she speaks for all people. It is one thing to put out an agenda for action while pointing out the political short-comings of your opponents; it is quite another to use shrill language when attacking your opponents, especially when your agenda is sorely lacking.

  3. John Bolten: So what we have is a case against Mr. Bolten for US ambassador to the United Nations because he takes a firm hand in managing his office. Lets think for a moment: the UN has been repeatedly anti-US for several years, calls us 'cheap' with our charitable works, squanders billions in aid, passively condones the atrocities in the Balkans, Sudan, and other places.... yeah, I think it's time for a firm manager to represent our interests.

  4. MinuteMen: Well another week is almost done, and the MSM still can't find any fault with the Minute Men, other than that they exist, patrolling the Arizona border with Mexico. You have to wonder what is on people's agenda when they try so hard to find fault with another's activities. Clearly, the only trouble that the Minute Men face is being infiltrated by those who look to do harm to the illegal immigrants. Sure, that's why critics say the patrolling should be left to the professionals.A pity the professionals are wholly under funded. Mores the pity President Bush calls the Minute Men 'vigilantes', instead of merely 'vigilant'.

  5. Spring is here In Mid-Atlantic region, spring is indeed here. Hope you are enjoying the weather in your world, too.

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