Thursday, April 07, 2005

Of Expectant Moms

KC Lemson is a genius when it comes to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. I've learned more from reading her blog than I have in all the years I've tinkered with these two industry standards.

She annoucned that she and her husband are expecting their second child, and she has provided rules for those who might interact with a pregnant woman, and I would suggest they are required reading (gals and guys).

Back in the day when I worked in a bank (I was a Teller, HeadTeller, CSR, and spent a few years in Audit), I once saw an incident that taught me not to ever speak of pregnancies... especially if the woman hasn't mentioned it directly to me.

In the bank cafeteria, one guy asked a gal 'So ... when are you due.'

A pity she wasn't expecting. This was during the lunch hours, and he was obnoxiously loud, so everyone heard him

'DUE FOR WHAT?' she said, in an understandably cold tone.

'Er,... for that promotion? When are you due for that promotion?? Hey look at the time, I gotta go...'

I learned then and there to keep such questions to myself. Unless and until I see an announcement of a baby shower, I don't dare say anything.

And really, people ought to keep their comments to themselves in general. I know lots of couples who were badgered with questions of 'So when are you having kids?' and the like, and this was at their wedding reception! It only got worse after their honeymoon. And in more than one instance, I knew that the couple were TRYING to get pregnant and weren't successful, and these busy-bodies weren't helping the stress factor.

And then there are the couples who go through a miscarriage; you see, too many questions from too many (presumably well-meaning) people can be quite hurtful.

Best to leave the gal to herself. If she's expecting and wants to inform you, she'll let you know. Then click on KC's post and learn what NOT to say.

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