Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nanosecond Notes

  • President Carter excluded from Papal funeral: For starters, Mr. Carter's biggest claim here is that he hosted the Pontiff at the White House in 1979 during his first trip to the USA. While that is remarkable enough, he was voted out of office about a year later. Presidents Bush (41) worked with the Pope during President Reagan's administration and his own; President Clinton was in office for 8 years, and of course President Bush (43) is in office now.

    Furthermore, President Carter could easily represent the US at Prince Rainer's funeral in Monaco.

  • Don't DeLay, Pile On! That seems to be the theme in the MSM these days. To hear how the news is reported on ABC Radio news, you'd think Congressman DeLay has blood on his hands regarding an overseas trip and how it was financed. Fortunately, David Frum of National Review gives a credible accounting of Mr. DeLay's trip, and points out that despite the sound-bite spin mentality of the MSM, the Washington Post makes it clear he did nothing wrong.

  • Polls Predict Pope: The media reports on what the polls say American's want in their next Pope.

    As if US Catholics had such importance in the Church that their opinions would sway the Cardinals. For starters, it wasn't very long ago that people worried President Kennedy would be swayed by the Pope; do you think the Europeans (whom, we are told, positively dislike the US) are interested in our opinions? Do you think the Cardinals are going to base their decision on what 6% of their Church thinks on matters of such worldwide importance?

    Besides, what with the alleged propensity to squash religion in the public square (and then calling it 'Constitutional'), do you think the rest of the world wants to be seen as exporting such a callous disrespect for Catholicism?

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