Monday, April 11, 2005

In search of food.

Trying to find Chinatown
Trying to find Chinatown

On Saturday late-afternoon, my much better half, kids and I were out doing our thing, which was part-errand running, part enjoyment of the gorgeous Spring day. But the day was getting long, and we all were getting hungry.

A hungry man
Can hold out a long time
For some soul food
Good food, whole food
I know I was that man
Maybe sometimes hold out a little too long

After pulling a Chinese restaurant menu from the glove compartment, she jots down an order of food and asks me to call it in. She is perfectly capable of making calls herself, but if I am around, I always get the call-duty. So this wasn't unusual.

ME: Which restaurant am I calling?
SHE: The one I like... in the Wal-Mart plaza.
ME: Okay.
SHE: Here's their coupon; do you want egg rolls or soup?
ME: That place now offers a choice? Their coupons were always for 2 bucks off.
SHE: No they weren't. Always soup or egg rolls. Which one do you want?
ME: Egg rolls are fine with me.
It should be noted I wasn't convinced, but didn't want to argue. Despite what some readers have suggested, I don't always debate every issue. Besides, I was hungry, so I knew it was a bad idea to get into anything remotely argumentative. I made the call, placed the order. 15 minutes. So we head off in that direction.

I took a right
Then I took a wrong turn
Someone asked me for a quarter
It didn't seem to fit
He didn't look too much like a Chinaman

Trying to find Chinatown
Trying to find Chinatown

15 minutes later. Pull into a parking spot, and get out.

ME: Hi, I am picking up an order.
Gal: You called in an order?
ME: Yes. Ticket 2062.
Gal: We have no orders waiting, and our last number was 525.
ME: Wait a second.. isn't this...

I pulled out the coupon out of my pocket, and noticed the stack of menus in front of me, and noticed immediately that my coupon doesn't match the one on their menu.

I notice that the stack in front of me offers a $2 discount on orders over $20. I apologize and leave with my tail between my legs, and head back to the car.

An old black man
Pushing a shopping trolley
Filled with tin cans
Avoided his glance
I'm nervous and I'm lost
And I don't see too many restaurants

SHE: What happened? The order isn't ready yet?
ME: Nope; wrong place.
SHE: What do you mean? This is my favorite place!
ME: Maybe it is, but it isn't where I called. Where's that menu? This is the place in the next town.
SHE: Oops.... sorry.

So we drive to the next town... find the right place... it's now more than 20 minutes since I called in the order. I go in.

ME: Hi, I am picking up an order. # 2062
Gal: Yes, # 2062. 10
more minutes.

It just wasn't my day...

A guy laid out
With a knife in his back
A cop came along
Told him, move on
Go home and sleep it off
I didn't know if I should get involved

Trying to find Chinatown
Trying to find Chinatown

Joe Jackson
Night and Day

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