Friday, April 29, 2005

How long does a gift obligation last?

My oldest son gave me a rechargeable shaver for Christmas (to be fair, he's 9, so he and my much-better-half gave it).  I've always used a blade since I was 13 or 14.   Since my early 20s, I had a cheapo, battery powered shaver in my briefcase for those times that a 5:00 shadow was especially inappropriate.
So they bought me a shaver, a pretty good one from Braun.
I really don't like it.  I find myself looking for my old trusty/rusty cheapo to touch up, sometimes right after lunch.  5:00 shadows before 2:00 aren't at all fashionable (not even to those who grew up watching Miami Vice -- which I didn't).
How long is the obligation to use a gift, even if you don't particularly like it?  They meant well, but if I have to shave twice a day with regularity, is there any real reason NOT to go back to my old blade?
On the other hand, there's the inevitable 'why aren't you using the shaver I got you' question....

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