Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Could be worse

During last evening's Tae Kwon Do class, we did some Hapkido practice.

Hapkdio (the art of no resistance) offers serval defense moves in order to use a would-be attackers weight against them. Typically are Hapkido practice comes near the end of our hour of class.

The practice involved dealing with 'choke-holds from behind', and my partner was Kyosanim -- a 1st Dan (1st degree black belt) -- who approached from my rear and threw her arm around my neck. Now there is a simple and easy way to get out of this hold, but I didn't need to do anything particular:

SHE: Ewwww!! You're all sweaty
ME: Oops... well, yes. Sorry Ma'am.
SHE: How does a person sweat so much?
ME: It could be worse... you could be married to me!
SHE: Forget that!!
How is that for 'no resistance'??

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