Friday, March 25, 2005

Yes, I made it home

Yes, I am finally got home the other night. About the time I mobile-blogged, there was hardly any snow on the ground, yet the roadway was filled with people driving 20 MPH in the passing lane. GET OFF TO THE RIGHT if you can't drive faster. Sheesh.

When I crossed 'the Gap' there was at least 4" down, and at least I could envision a reason for people driving slow. Yet again, people insisted on driving below 20 MPH in the left lane. I wasn't looking to drive 60 MPH, but when I did pass them (eventually) I was more than safe driving 40 - 45 MPH. In the words of Pink Floyd: Stay out of the road if you wanna grow old.

In all, 120 miles took about 4-1/2 hours. How lame is that? In all, we got about 7" of snow. Last blast of winter.

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