Friday, March 18, 2005

The torture has begun

I do not understand it. The very same people who campaigned, gnashed their teeth, and stomped their feet saying 'putting panties on the heads of illegal combatants is torture' are some of the same voices who are saying 'yes! stop feeding Terri Schiavo - let her die of thirst.'

Some of those same people would look at and become emotional, yet are callous to this woman.

(I have some views on SaveToby, and I will post them later)

This moment in time in the US Congress is an important one. We have a Senate that enjoys the majority, and not by a mere vote. They can and should perform monumental acts in accordance to the majority will of the voters. This means standing up for the Constitution and standing up for the weakest among us, in this case Ms. Schiavo.

As I type this, DrudgeReport leads with a bulletin: Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube has been removed. I hope the people who purport to know that 'Terri hates being connected to the tube' also can shed light on how she feels about dying of thirst and hunger.

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