Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Someone I know uses one!

Heard at Tae Kwon Do class:

MASTER: {speaking to a young girl} Your hair is getting too long
STUDENT: Yes sir.
MASTER: Either take care of it, or I'll bring in my FlowBee and cut it for you.
STUDENT: Yes sir.
MASTER: That goes for all you (in the class) If FlowBee is good enough for Sabanim, it's good enough for you, too!

In all seriousness, the Master makes this kind of threat fairly regularly, but has never carried it out. However, looking a the man, it isn't hard to imagine he does use a FlowBee on his own head.

At the risk of sounding like I am dumping on the man, he just completed his promotion to 6th Dan (WTF), making him one of 7 in PA to achieve that rank, and one of 96 nationwide.


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