Thursday, March 17, 2005

Quick Hits

So much to do, so little time...

  1. ANWR Drilling: Well it's about time! And before you go on about the 'pristine' wilderness, I'll point you to pstupidonymous who actually lives in one of Alaska's North Slop oil fields. He provides photos of the ANWR area, both in summer and winter months. Now about those alleged record gas pump prices....

  2. Gas prices are a pain in the pump - Ok, that's hardly an origianl saying (especially since its the radio ad for natural gas consortium in the NYC area - call 1-877-I-GOT-GAS -- not making that up!). Readers will know my pseudonym comes from the many miles I log commuting to work. 1100 each week, in fact. So I am well aware of the price for a gallon of gas.

    That much said, the MSM misinformation goes on, as there are reports of gas prices reaching record levels. A pity no one takes into account the affects of inflation, as Seth at SAY ANYTHING points out succinctly. Quoting Neil Boortz, the fact is that a gallon of gas would have to reach $3.08 to match the record set in in 1981. ANWR drilling will take years before any drop in price will be seen, but competition in the oil industry has been long ignored, but in time the effects will be seen. Read. Learn. Pass it on.

  3. PowerLine correctly points out what many have said for quite some time (this blog included): the media is biased. Don't believe it? Here's a question posed to President Bush at yesterday's Press Conference:

    Q Paul Wolfowitz, who was the -- a chief architect of one of the most unpopular wars in our history --

    THE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) That's an interesting start. (Laughter.)

    -- is your choice to be the President of the World Bank. What kind of signal does that send to the rest of the world?

    Tell me that's not an editorial. Jeff Gannon misrepresenting himself was wrong, but is this any better? PowerLine has more examples. Required reading, indeed!

  4. Patrick Ruffini sheds light on the growing dissent towards the manner in which Senate Confirmation hearings are conducted:
    I have watched the confirmation hearings of so many good men and women and have seen their records distorted and their characters assaulted by Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee and have seen no price being paid by those doing so.
    Senator Bill Frist leads a Republican Majority, yet these antics (along with the nonsense over the unconstitutional blocking of Judicial nominees) continues. What Sen. Frist needs to do is lead, and he does that by taking stands against these improprieties and acts. He has the votes, the wills of the people, he should use it.

My, that's a lot for a 'quick hit'. ONE MORE: Éire go brách! Happy St. Patricks Day (before someone says invoking the name of a great saint ought to be stopped!).

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