Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Call for Howard Dean to step down

Pundit Guy points out that Mississippi Blacks are calling for DNC Chair Dr. Howard Dean to step down, after he made racially insensitive comments to the DNC Black Caucus.

I disagree. As I have pointed out in several posts to this blog (most recently here, also here, and here) there is a persistent double-standard for the Democratic Party: their members can say what they want, when they way, but perish the thought a Republican says anything that can be even slightly spun in a negative light, and that person ought to be ostracize.

Well I don't play that way. Dr. Dean is entitled to hold his position. He just ought to remember that some people can see how misstatements can be made and apply that same standard down the road. For if he doesn't, people will surely remind him of what an utter ass he's made of himself.

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