Tuesday, December 21, 2004

He won. Again. Deal with it.

No Tampering Found In Ohio

Liberal conspiracy theoriest beware, they've been dealt a devestating blow today, with the AP reporting that there has been no evidence of vote tampering with the electronic voting machines in Ohio.

Election officials watched Monday as a technician repeated a repair he had made to a vote tallying computer, then announced they had found no evidence of any sort of tampering, despite a congressman's request for an FBI probe. Observers, including a Green Party representative who had sought a presidential recount, agreed the procedure did not alter the Election Day vote total in the county, Hocking County Prosecutor Larry Beal said.

"Everybody felt better," he said.

Questions about the integrity of the machine arose when an employee of TRIAD Governmental Systems Inc., the company that wrote the voting software used across much of Ohio, arrived Dec. 10 to inspect Hocking County's tabulating machine.

Will this be the end of the rabble rousers accusing the President of not being re-elected? Doubtful. When you hang your hat on a bogus allegation, and have no facts backing you up, you either die by that argument or admit you were wrong. Want to bet which choice they'll make??

From Blogs For Bush

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