Thursday, December 02, 2004

Follow up to Comfort Food

Wow. Well I am impressed! I was starting to think the whole concept of 'comfort food' was a marketing device, but I can see that would have been way off the mark.

Thanks to Michele for offering this space, and thanks to all who offered their comfort food choices, and especially to those who have tried to define the reasons for their choices.

For the record, I asked my much-better-half, to whom I've been married to for almost 15 years, what she considered 'comfort foods'. She shrugged and said 'everyone says macaroni & cheese.' When I asked if that was hers, she said 'no, but anything you bring home that I don't have to cook would be comforting to me.'

(note to self: stop by her favorite restaurant tomorrow night)

She is Irish/German/Italian, and one helluva good cook. Other than take-out for her, I suppose neither of us has any one 'special' food.

I may not get comfort food, but I understand how so many people have such a strong bond to it. Whether it be a replay of mom/granny's love (or a substitute thereof), a step back to simpler times, or just something to sleep in, all of you take your comfort food seriously, and that's something I won't argue with.

I may not get it, but I think this is one of those things I am probably missing out because I don't (not to be confused with how I don't get Country Music, how I can't dance, etc. )

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