Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas wrap

At around 1:00 AM I took to the lounge chair for a planned 30 minute nap. I woke up as Ralphie was (again) getting the boot from Santa, probably an hour ago (+/- 3:30) My much better half had just finished the four piles of presents to be wrapped: a pair of piles for each son, one from Santa and one from us. Careful selection of the wrapping paper is essential to make sure neither Santa nor us use the same patterned paper.

I feel reasonably better. The throb in my ear is down considerably... and what formerly felt like razors being swallowed now feels a bit like a whole Cheez-It going down. So long as I keep the head-cold to myself and not give it to mom or the kids, everything will be fine.

I have a few presents for her to wrap; just two I was unable to get wrapped at the mall. Ideally, I gravitate to the 'for donation' wrapping desk inside the mall. This year, a local Girl Scout Troop made out like bandits for me, but two others came via QVC so I am tasked with the job personally. I wrap only a little better than I dance, so this is not something that should be taken lightly. By the time I master the subtleties of doing it right, I am usually at my final package. And with there only being two packages this night (er, morning), I'm not going to reach that pinnacle. Ah well...

Going to grab a shower and then wrap them up; ought to be done in time to see Ralphie get the boot. Again. Maybe this year I'll see more of the movie than that one scene... Maybe I'll also raise a toast or two to Christmas that isn't quite as big and sparkly as I hoped to bring my family, but it isn't a total wash-out either. Hey, look at the Red Sox: they always said "Wait until next year", maybe I can adopt that saying, too.

And I'll raise a toast to those bloggers who have set the mark for which I aim to make my humble blog reach; those on my daily-read list especially.

And I'll raise a toast to those brave souls defending freedom around the world.

And lastly (because I doubt I can stay awake much longer) I'll raise a toast to you, dear reader. Thanks for dropping in.

Yeah, some Jack Daniels. That's bound to make my throat feel better! ;)

Merry Christmas

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