Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sen. Kerry doesn't get it

NOTE: Early Friday I made a post that had a huge typo, and has since been corrected. The redline speaks for itself.

Now then, based on the e-mails I've received (why so few use Comments is a mystery to me), I've raised a few hackles with my comparison of Senator Kerry to the Hitler regime. Where these same people were when did the same thing against President Bush, I don't know. Perhaps they'll offer their reactions below THIS post.

So here's my case: Recently, Senator Kerry said:

"Once again, America needs a president who believes in science," Kerry told supporters at a theater in Columbus. "But George Bush has turned his back on the spirit of exploration and discovery. ... It is wrong to take hope from people."

Kerry, appearing with Dana Reeve, widow of the "Superman" actor, portrayed the Republican president as out of touch. He suggested Bush would have sided "with the candle lobby against electricity, the buggy makers against the cars and the typewriter companies against computers."

So there you have it! Because the President is for limits on stem-cell research, he's against exploration and discovery. So can I assume the Senator would have endorsed the Nazi eugenics program of the 1930s and 1940s?

Simply stated, I don't think Sen. Kerry would endorse anything Hitler stood for. However, for the Senator to suggest the President is out of touch is nonsense. The President has values and morals, like all of us have. He has decided to draw a line and stand for the decision. You can disagree with it if you like, but you mustn't mischaracterize that position.

Remember: President Bush signed the spending bill that provides the federal funding that now exists using stem-cells. The federal funding simply DID NOT exist before his signature.

Should there be more research? Of course! Should the Federal Gov't pay for it all? Of course NOT! The Fed pays for a LOT of research on a wide variety of medical issues already. Can the government pay for ALL of the research for ALL diseases?? That's nonsensical!

Shouldn't the government pay for all MDA research? What about cancer? What about AIDS? The government pays already for much of these researches, but I doubt you'll find one person who says they pay ENOUGH to any of them.

Now to make ludicrous claims that if Sen. Kerry is elected, cripples WILL walk is the height of desperation. Makes you wonder what kind of people would actually vote for crap like that.

Before you make some snide remark suggesting my opinion would be different if I knew someone like Chris Reeve or Michael J. Fox: I do know someone with a spinal chord problem, so don't try that spin on me.

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