Friday, October 15, 2004

I am living proof

You say the economy is bad? You say the jobs aren't there? I am proof you are wrong.

July 2 I was laid off. I was back to work August 9. The job didn't suit me, it was below my credentials, but I took it. Why? Because I believe it is better to be under employed than unemployed.

On Wednesday I gave notice: I have accepted an offer for a job that suits me in every way. I could have gotten this same job if I stayed home, collecting unemployment, but I would rather go out and work then stay at home. I am able bodied, and if for no other reason (as if these weren't enough), my family depends on me.

I know of others who have horrible commutes such as I do, or who have had to move away from home in order to work. These people, I submit, are the exceptions. There are always jobs to be had: they may not be perfect, but they are honest, respectable work. No one ever said you would be guaranteed a corner office with a wet bar. No one ever promised you a JOB; but to say there AREN'T any jobs is simple not true.

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