Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween and the 'old guy'

Here's one of my real-life stories. All dialogue guaranteed:

While sitting in the driveway greeting the Halloween kids, my son and I are approached by a group of teens... 2 guys, 2 gals. One of the guys has the make-up that best can be described as 'a bloody mess', with what looks like open wounds on his face.

Seeing an opportunity to make a comment (as I so often do) I say to him "You know, a little vitamin E will clear that right up. Your girlfriend might appreciate it."

Girl, dressed as a devil says "Yes I would!"
Bloody mess says "She's not my girlfriend"
Guy #2 (dressed as some dark fiend): "Man, you are so busted! Even the old guy can tell you want to get into her pants!"
Girl #2 (dressed as I Dream of Jeanie): "Told you so!"

Old guy??

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