Friday, October 29, 2004

Good things on the horizon

Things are looking up!

  • ITEM: Sen. John Kerry continues to rant that the US is 'alone' in Iraq and that some 378 tons of ammo was stolen under our soldiers' noses. For starters, there are some 30 allies that the Senator continues to denigrate when he complains we're 'alone,' not to mention the people of the Iraqi military, police, and civilians who are being slaughtered on a daily basis by the insurgents. Second, NBC News and Fox News confirms the ammo wasn't there the day the US rolled in. Third, it's being reported that it wasn't 378 tons, but rather 3 tons. Fourth, what a horrible insult to our military, that they 'lost' the ammo!

    A pity the NY Times couldn't be more responsible in their reporting! They're turning into a two-bit biased rag, not the respectable paper of record they used to be. And when you consider that some 300 newspapers across the nation subscribe to the NY Times NEWS SERVICE, and that their front pages will often mirror that of the NY Times, itself, the biased impact is frightening.

  • ITEM: Since the ammo in question is used to detonate nuclear devices, why did Iraq have it in the first place? And if 3/370 tons of material can evaporate, why can't WMDs do the same? Senator Kerry: please explain!

  • ITEM: With 5 days left, the Kerry camp is desperate. As President Bush travels to states won by VP Gore in 2000, the Senator needs to shore-up states what were once called 'locked' for him. I've long stopped predicting a landslide, and I am not doing so now, but it looks very possible the race will go in favor of President Bush, and not by a squeaker.

  • ITEM:I used to provide to my pals (and debate foes) a wonderful piece written in Discover magazine, boiling down the Electoral College to something nearly all Americans can relate to: Baseball. The author successfully compared the 1961 (62?) World Series between the NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates to the Electoral College, and read is most worth your time. I hope to find it this weekend for your reading pleasure.

    Briefly: if you were to add the total runs scored in each of the 7 championship games, the Pirates would have defeated the Yankees. However, despite some horrible loses to the Pirates, the Yanks won the best of 7 games. THAT is the Electoral College in a nutshell!

    I mention this article to help educate those who stamp their feet and wonder why the EC even exists at all (read the Federalist Papers), for we may once again have an Electorial College victory, but not a Popular Vote winner.

  • ITEM: I start work again on Monday. I will spending up-wards of 2 hours commuting - EACH WAY. If all goes well, I will leave my humble abode daily around 5:00 AM so I can get home again 12 hours (or so) later (depneding on how long I take for lunch). My plans is thus so I can attend to my duties as a Cub Scout Den Leader and student of Tae Kwon Do (Gup 7). Yeah, my ride bites, but you know what? Sometimes you gotta suck it up. My much-better-half's full time position as mom to two is worth the headache of traffic. I know, because I've been driving like this for about 9 years. No one ever said things would be perfect, so I am grateful for what I have.

    And compared to some of the hurdles I've cleared in my life, a long ride for a good salary is worth it. And I'll be dammed if I am told that the economy across the board is in the tank, because it is simply not true. I am not ignorant of others who are struggling, but there will always be struggles, and there will always be those who have it worse off than you or I.

  • ITEM: I have a dozen or so unread Blog-realated emails, and literally dozens in my primary e-mail accounts, (and I've lost track of my FeedReader... haven't seriously read more than a handful of blogs since being laid off in July). Hoping things go back to what best can be described as
    normal next week. There are a few I do have to personally reply to, and will do so asap.

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