Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Back in my day, I wore buttons that proclaimed 'DRAFT BEER, NOT PEOPLE'. I was 16, and I wore that button (and others) for a few years. In my early 20s I realized the truth that the draft was a thing of the past.

Nowadays, hardly a week goes by without some false cry that the draft is coming back. Nonsense. I know, personally, several people in active duty and reserves. THEY are screaming 'NO DRAFT!' These people are professional soldiers (sailors, airmen, etc.) The last thing they want is someone along side of them that DOESN'T want to be there.

On top of it all, look at the facts: two Democrats introduced draft bills. Rep. Charles Rangel of NY and the racist Senator Fritz Hollings (side bar: I used the term 'racist' because as Governor of South Carolina, Mr. Hollings authorized the flying of the Confederate flag atop the state house. If others can call that act racist, it ought to apply to him as well). When the bill recently came up for a vote, not even Rep. Rangel, himself, voted for it. Not a single Republican backed it or voted for it.

There isn't a plan to draft, there hasn't been one, there won't be a draft. Stop pandering and start talking about real issues.

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