Sunday, October 31, 2004

All Hallows Eve

Townships around my home all set different times/days for Trick or Treating. Ours ALWAYS insists on having on the 31st, and always between 5-8 PM. Where's the logic? Some kids ought to be in bed by then, or at least too young to be out when its so dark already. Others ought to be too old to go out in the first place.

Having a defined time window does allow for better planning. We usually get between 100-150 kids (tonight's tally was 120), so we can prevent running out of goodies. Kathleen ran into just such a problem, and I can echo her distaste for parents who push their strollers around with toddlers, some of whom are asleep! Talk about cheap!

What about this: tonight a stretch limo entered the development, and over a dozen kids poured out. Guess Daddy took the company car home.

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