Tuesday, October 26, 2004

7 to go

Greetings, all.

With all the news buzzing of the challenges to the poll results, I decided to hedge my bet: I am going to the Courthouse today to apply for an absentee ballot. I start my new job on Monday, and I am afraid with the repaint bogus registrations and the story after story of people registering multiple times that my polling place may be overwhelmed when I get there threshed. My commute is still going to be in the neighborhood of 2 hours, and the idea of asking to leave early on my 2nd day doesn't sound to be prudent.

Sure, they may insist that 'if you're in-line, you can vote' but as there are all these protest threats and the like, I don't want to risk it.

Reading those stories: those who registered several times, those who registered even if they are not citizens, those anarchists who are out to ruin the system. They all have one thing in common. Character.

Character counts! What a novel concept! Barely 5 years ago we were assured that character doesn't count. Yet today we have absentee ballots that require a signature attesting to the reason for the ballot, and the process of registering, itself, is meant to be done on good, moral character. Yet we know well there are people who will stuff the ballot boxes. An story I heard on TV the other day reported that there are now one registered Democrat for every citizen in Philadelphia. While it is unquestionable the Democrats outnumber the Republicans, it is a myth to imagine there aren't ANY Republicans in the City of Brotherly Love. That's proof alone there is a fraud afoot.

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Edward Rendell, stated he would not provide an extension for the military absentee ballots. So in one town when paperweight is an issue, there is a cry for justice. When a guy/gal in a war zone requests some extra time, there is comparable silence.

I pray for thing next Tuesday: a fair election. Based on the rules and laws in place TODAY, not re-written Tuesday, or the next day. THAT was the crux of the debate 4 years ago, that the existing laws were being trampled.

Still, I believe the overall tracking polls show that President Bush will be re-elected, and the majorities in the Congress increased. People aren't buying the double-speak of Senator Kerry, the trumped up charges based on flimsy evidence. The people know a leader when they see one, and they know a con man who has no record to run when they see him.

National security is what matters, and George W. Bush delivers.

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