Saturday, August 14, 2004


I've never cared a whit about Friday the 13th, probably because I was born on it. Besides, I've had what some considered a boatload of crap hit me at different seasons, different years, to different members of my family, so the day of the week has little to do with anything.

Today at work could be summed up as 'it didn't suck quite as much as I expected it to.' I intend on detailing the various reasons why I am so down about this position, but it will indeed take time. In short, it wasn't the right position for me, and while there is nobility in saying 'I'll bow out', I need the benefits and salary, so I'll put my best foot forward and do the job. No one says I have to love it, however.

Yet if one more person says 'hey, you're pretty knowledgeable about PC's' I may have to kick a wall...

Someone asked if title of this post had anything to do with my oral surgery last week. Admittedly, I forgot that it could! The swelling is all but gone, the nasal congestion (and its foul odor!) is largely gone, and the soreness is at a point I believe correct for a week after the procedure. I have some definite thoughts about the oral surgeon's use of antibiotics, but this issue is about done.

On another issue altogether: am I the only one to realize the person who is believed to be the center of the NJ Governor McGreevey's love interest spoke only of 'unwanted advances', whereas the Governor spoke of a 'sexual relationship with another man'? Why do we assume the gentlemen who has spoken out about the 'unwanted advances' must naturally be the man the Governor spoke about?

Bad week for Senator Kerry: first, the SwiftBoat Veterans made their claims (and if Mr. Kerry can have Vets stand beside them and no one questions their integrity, no one should question the Swifties' integrity either). Then President Bush challanged the Senator to state the Iraq war was a bad idea (he hasn't said). Then he opens himself to the 'sensitive war' comment.

Not a good week at all.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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