Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Joseph Heller would be proud

Adventures in security

Background: My regular commuting car is in the shop, so I brought another one to work. Parking onsite requires a parking permit. No biggie, right?

ME: Good morning. I need to get a permit for my car today; here's my id badge.

GUARD: You cannot park here without a permit.

ME: Right. But the first week I was here, I didn't even have this photo id; I had a slip with my name and an expiry date on it. I was able to park here in order to get a permit.

GUARD: No cars are permitted in this lot without a permit. You must go to the Security office.

ME: How can I get a permit to park if you don't let me into the lot?

(Note: it is at this point I think of Joseph Heller)

GUARD: Without a permit, I can't let you park.

ME: Look at my badge; this lets me walk onto the base! Can't I park in this lot to get a permit?

GUARD: You have 10 minutes, sir, to get your permit.

The chaps who run Security are, suprisingly enough, a private company (although it is never difficult to find people in fatigues). However, all of the guards do posess firearms, so the idea of suggesting where he might stick his watch wasn't a very good idea.

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