Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Elvis, Woodstock, Back to School, and more

This post was intended on being posted last evening... where it went in the ether is anyone's guess...

  • Late to be blogged, but valid nonetheless: today is the anniversary of the King's death. I was a young Boy Scout on long-term camping in Narrowsburg, NY when I heard the news. Truth be told, that single event gave me all the reasons I needed never to touch drugs; I didn't want to every be found dead on a toilet. Of course, by then, unlike the stamps that depict him in his younger prime, by the time of his death Elvis Presley was teetering on the fat, bloated, has-been persona that he evolved into. Neil Young said it best:

    it's better to burn out, then it is to rust
    the King is gone but he's not forgotten.

    Memo to Neil... perhaps it's time you gracefully (and finally) bow out of the spotlight, because you're rapidly approaching the point of being 'out of the blue, and into the black', and you know well 'you can never come back.'

  • Ah, Woodstock turns 35. I still have the 3-disc LP on my shelf. Won't buy the CD; just not the same. I was too young to go (not that my parents would have ever even considered!), but I strongly identified with that era musically (if not, as mentioned above, in the area of tripping).

  • School's in! Well, for some. Home School students who use the K-12.com program started this week. The exceptional beauty of the program is that in many states, local school taxes are used to offset the cost of the program (Pennsylvania, for one). Ironically, the local school boards use the same tax monies to sue the state capital to prevent said funding. A pity we can't properly teach kids (in public schools) the benefits of competition.

  • New Commercial for the Bush Campaign: Sen. Kerry missed all but some 25% of the Senate Intelligence Committee meetings, but HE'S going to fix the Intel! Looks like another bad week for Sen. Kerry is on the way.

  • NJ Democrats are now starting to clamor for their disgraced Governor to step down NOW and not wait until November. No one really cares that he's out of the closet (save his wife, who has been brushed aside mercilessly). People are mad at the cheating, the lying, the poor choices for state-wide homeland security honcho (at the cost of former FBI head Louis Freeh, no less!), and now the opening to state lawsuits.

    Here again: Democrats who argue for being Pro-Choice are starting to yell for the residents' right to pro-choice regarding their Governor. Time to leave, Gov. McGreevy, and sooner rather than later.

  • 78 77 days to go and counting. A little early to make precise predictions, but re-election is in the air!

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