Thursday, July 01, 2004

I think they mean it!

While preparing to clean out my office PC, I recieved some errors; errors accessing networked drives. As my XP-Professional desktop had been running over 2 weeks without a reboot, I immediately ordered one. As the screen went blank it occurred to me that I ought not have done that.

Moments later my fears were confirmed: my account was locked down. I am now a non-entity at my {former} company.

As tomorrow is my *last* day, I am hopeful my request for limited access is granted so that I may actually finish grabbing my files.

Yep. It sucks.

Update:From home I can connect via terminal server: all but one of my networked drives are back (the one with some files I wanted, natch), so I'll go in Friday, clean out what I can reach, turn in my badge, and .... and... that's about it.

I can't be bitter about the layoff... I had over 4 weeks notice, then an extra two week extension, and now an extra month of health insurance coverage.

More lamenting tomorrow I suppose...

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