Monday, July 26, 2004

99 days to go!

So Boston is all abuzz, and rightly so!

Back in 1996 I opined on the true Americana that is the National Conventions. As I said then, the modern primary system makes these events no longer hold the importance they once did (what I said in 1996 makes sense again today: then I asked if Mr. Clinton wanted to run for re-election, why did they need a a Convention? Ditto Mr. Bush today). They are a pep rally, plain and simple.

Some people say the goals are to attract the undecideds in the country. That scares me. If there are so many people who have no clue about the political issues that they can't, right now, say which candidate they are interested in, why should they be accorded such high esteem?

I know some of us enjoy politics as a sport, and read everything they can year round, while many others don't get involved unless the matters stare them in the face. But to not have a clue which way you'd likely vote - in a GENERAL election - staggers my mind.

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