Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Union acting like terrorists

Kevin at Wizbang points out how the terrorists are using the same tactics a French Labour Union uses:

"Why are terrorists attacking the oil pipelines in Iraq?
They're just following the lead of their friends in France: French power workers cut electricity to prime minister's house

This reminds me of an experience of my own. It's more than a dozen years ago now... 15 in fact. I had somehow managed to con my much-better-half into marrying me, and as the days counted down, I was looking for a way to build up on my cash (our cash) by picking up a second job. Local 1199, a Hospital Workers Union in NYC had staged a strike. Being industrious (and not wanting a long term commitment), I thought about the applying to be one of the replacement workers the hospitals were hiring.

A friend of mine, Nancy, worked in the business office of one of the affected hospitals (she had worked for me a few years earlier when I was a head teller in a bank). I called her to ask what kind of help they needed at her hospital. She told me to drive by the South enterance of the hospital before she would answer me. I did, and there it was: suspended from two utility poles: a huge banner listing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of over a dozen people.

Two words were scrawled in big letters:

So much for picket lines; here was outright threats to people, and the means (contact info) to do it. Oh but the Unions don't condone violence!! I always wondered what the legality of such blatant threats is...

Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do was start a new life with my much-better-half while looking over my shoulder, so I found decidedly safer work to do (newspaper delivery).

On a bright side, I applaud the French PM's efforts to privatize the electrical company; I can't think of anything positive I've had to say about the PM in quite some time.

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