Friday, June 25, 2004

T - 7 days, and counting ... again

(Holy Deja Vu Batman!)

If the title of the post is familiar, its because I used it already back here, back before they asked me to stay on an additional two weeks. I later learned the real reason why they needed me: it turns out, despite my calls to the Prime Contractor's management (we'll call them Company 'C'), my company (Company 'N') was never told formally of my loss of funding. According to the terms of the contract, Company C either provides two weeks of written notification, or Company N can demand the balance of the contract, which in this case is 31-Dec.

2 weeks extra, or 6 months... which do you think they chose?

I have had a few offers that pay ridiculously too low to be considered ($20K less!). I am choosy, and with good cause, so I am still holding out for now. With health bene's paid through 31-Jul, I am hopeful the gamble will be worth it.

So now I slowly restart the packing process interrupted 2 weeks ago. Next week will be spent mostly idle... which gives me NO excuse not to update this blogs template (yes, those who e-mailed me, I am listening). We'll see what develops.

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