Sunday, June 13, 2004

'No' means 'No'

Sean over at Everything I know is Wrong talks about the biggest non-story of the weekend:
OK this is just too weird to pass by without mentioning it. I'm not exactly sure what it means but...
Republican Sen. John McCain has personally rejected John Kerry's overtures to join the Democratic presidential ticket and forge a bipartisan alliance against President Bush, The Associated Press has learned.
Kerry has asked McCain as recently as late last month to consider becoming his running mate, but the Arizona senator said he's not interested, said a Democratic official who spoke on condition of anonymity because Kerry has insisted that his deliberations be kept private. A second official familiar with the conversations confirmed the account, and said the Arizona senator made it clear he won't change his mind.
Both officials said Kerry stopped short of offering McCain the job, sparing himself an outright rejection that would make his eventual running mate look like a second choice.

"Senator McCain categorically states that he has not been offered the vice presidency by any one," said McCain's chief of staff, Mark Salter, who would not confirm the officials' account. 
Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter declined to comment.
This just won't die will it?
No it won't Sean, and therein lies the point!   Sen. Kerry needed a reason to get into the headlines this weekend, so he publicly called on Sen. McCain, who has long been known to reject the idea of VP (think back to 2000) and has reiterated his disinterest on a recent Meet The Press.  But because Kerry called McCain, the media is all abuzz.   MSNBC this morning teased 'will he or won't he? Sen. Kerry calls on his friend Sen. McCain to be VP.'   This was a blatantly false tease, since the matter of whether Sen. McCain would accept the offer was already known. 
Ah... but the news media could inject Sen. Kerry's name into the broadcast and print, couldn't they?
142 days to go... when will Sen. Kerry tell us what he would do for the country if he were elected??

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