Monday, June 21, 2004

Monday Meme the Second

I wasn't going to link again to Pisces Peach, not that I ahve anything against her, but because I like to show some variety. This is another meme of hers that I also saw on Michele's Small Victory...

1. Where were you when you heard that Ronald Reagan died?
Driving home from a two-year old's birthday party. The l'il girl is the daughter of my much-better-half's niece, and while I was relieved his suffering was over, it did depress me greatly.

2. Where were you on September 11, 2001?
I was sitting in my cubicle at work. A manager walked by saying a plane hit the WTC. I remember wondering 'What the hell? Why didn't the pilot ditch in the river instead of hitting the building?' When the second plane hit I knew it wasn't an accident.

3. Where were you when you heard that Princess Diana died?
Home, I think. Other than being a notable on the glamour pages, and a reportedly nice person, I have/had no interest in the Royals.

4. Do you remember where you were when you heard Kurt Cobain had died?
Nope. I lived through the John Lennon asasination, some idiot killing himself doesn't resonate the same way.

5. Take one for The Gipper: What's your favorite flavor of jelly bean?

6. Where were you when Magic Johnson announced he was retiring from the NBA due to AIDS?
Some guy who infected because he (literally) screwed around? Sorry, that didn't stick with me.

7. Where were you when Reagan was shot?
College... campus radio station in fact. Very sad day (at the beginning).

8. Where were you when the Challenger exploded?
Vacationing in Florida. One of those trips I normally don't like to mention; my folks went to visit friends, I tagged along at age 22 (I know what you're thinking, and I agree how sad that was for me). The highlight of the trip was to watch the shuttle launch from friends' backyard. "About a minute into the launch you'll see it clearly," he said. Rainy, cold morning. After the second or third delay, we went for a drive. We heard about the explosion on the radio. Had we waited in his yard for the delay, we would have seen it first hand; to this day I don't know if I regret missing it or not.

BONUS:Where were you when the Columbia burnt up? Driving home from the hospital.

9. Where were you when the 0J verdict was announced?
In my office in Manhattan. I am still shocked at the verdict 10 years later. On a business trip many months earlier to Bermuda was the famed low-speed chase. The people in Bermuda knew he was guilty, too (Why would he take money, a disguise and a gun to the border?).

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