Friday, June 18, 2004

Lots of news to catch up on

What a difference a day makes! I wrote Thursday I had started writing four different posts:

  • How it feels to suddenly go from T-4 days of my job to the present, T-14. And how I am supposed to suddenly regain my old spark for the same job, while the calls to/from headhunters continue.

  • Dissecting the Philadelphia Daily News' endorsement of Sen. Kerry

  • The miserable reporting on the 9/11 commissions report, which is now probably already exposed on the web, but certainly can't be understated

  • the 9/11 report itself

  • I took a day off from work (what are they going to do, fire me?) so I could spend an extra day with the fam. I know, if I don't find a new job soon, I'll have TOO much time on my hands with the fam, but these things can't be ignored either. Tomorrow morning my oldest son and I are attending K-Mart's special opinion of the latest, greatest Hot Wheels (oh, to be 8 again!). After that I have more job leads to track down, so I imagine I'll update those unfinished posts.

    Also worthy of mention, Jessica's Well updated the piece on the recently reported shipment of WMD components outside of Iraq in the days leading up to the US invasion. That report, from the UN, is probably one of the biggest underreported stories of the war ... unless you want to count Vladamir Putin's comments that he warned the US of the Iraq intentions to strike us with terrorism domestically and other places, or perhaps the resounding endorsement of President Bush by Sen. McCain... so much to catch up on!!

    For now, click over to the Spectator story for details on the Iraqui export of WMDs (credit again to Jessica's Well and then tell me there were never any WMDs in Iraq.

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