Monday, June 28, 2004

Insane reasoning

From an article on Christian Science Monitor titled
Hiring up, but many jobless not looking come these words of wisdom:

" 'I don't want to come off as a slacker, but there aren't even any decent prospects,' she says."

Say again? I won't take a lesser of a job than I think I am worth, because I don't want people to think I am slacker?? Is this what the person is saying? The entire article speaks of those who have 'stopped' looking for work. How is that possible? If they are financially independent (either via spouse, inheritance, LOTTO, whatever), then to count them as among those looking for a job is ridiculous. If they are not 'looking' for work (and are otherwise fit and able to work), then they are lazy; there are no other choices.

The countdown is now 4 days until I am unemployed. I still haven't gotten a good offer, but I don't intend on sitting on my duff saying 'poor me' and whining I can't find a job that suits me. I am fairly well paid Systems Engineer, but I'll do the worst of the worst jobs before I go on welfare. I won't become a victim of society simply because I am too proud to wash a toilet, or flip a burger, or any other job some others would consider is beneath them.

To me, being that I am fit and able to work, sitting home whining about not finding a 'decent prospect' is beneath me.

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