Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hiring Process

Obviously, this title strikes a chord with me. But this piece by Deborah is a well written description of things going on right now...

"Hiring Process

When a company has a job opening, they advertise the position and hire someone they feel is the best person to fill the position. When the open position is, say, Chairman of the Board, the shareholders of the company cast their votes. Sometimes the sitting chairman is re-elected, sometimes he (or she) steps aside and someone else gets the position. The shareholders look for the person who they feel is best qualified to lead the corporation for the next few years. This is the person who will guide the company in their growth potential, creating more productivity, more jobs, and, hopefully, higher profits. If the company grows, all is well with the company. The shareholders are happy and will re-elect the chairman. If the company is losing money, the chairman may be replaced. You can bet that someone is sure they can do the job better and wants a chance to do the job.

Politics are alot like a corporation. Think of America as the corporation. The president is the Chairman of the Board. The shareholders are the voters."

Read the rest at My Little Corner of the World

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