Monday, June 07, 2004

Death of a Hero

The world lost a hero this weekend; President Ronald Reagan. Rather, the last remaining vestige of that hero was lost this weekend; sad to say the man who was that hero perished a few years back.

I had feared the day was coming when Mrs. Reagan spoke last month and mentioned that not even she could reach her husband any longer; the end was indeed near, and the mixed-blessing of his passing is that her suffering – and that of his family – has now drawn to a conclusion. However, my realizing the end was near, I wanted to begin a piece on his presidency from my prospective: a then-college student who saw his student loan interest rate rise, who predicted the president was pushing us to nuclear war, and all the rest. That was 1982; by 1984 I had gone against the majority of friends in college when I realized the benefits of the President’s tough decisions were leading the country in a new direction that ultimately became the successful decade we know today.

I will finish that piece this week, all my headaches not withstanding. In the meantime, as I find posts from others that are noteworthy, I’ll link them here.

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