Sunday, May 09, 2004

Soggy Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday was my oldest son's First Holy Communion. My folks were coming in from NYC for the day. But in the last few months Mom made the decision that she ought not make long distance trips anymore (and no one argues with her). So my brother Ed offered to drive them.

By the time we were through planning, the small intimate family party turned into restaurant reservations for 14. Fine.

At this point let me jump to the end of the story and point out my son's First Communion was wonderful, and he looked so prim and proper. For his part, the day was perfect; the thunder storm warnings were all wrong, and the sun shone brightly so he had a great day.

6:00 AM Saturday morning... why is the downstairs carpet a dark color?

Oh look! the hot water heater is leaking.

And my folks, who haven't been to my house in 3 years, are due in 5 hours.

For the second time in as many months, one of my pipes have developed a leak. A pin hole leak, in an otherwise normal pipe, that isn't particularly stressed in anyway.

This leak, like the last one (bathroom sink) is on the other side of the valve, so I stopped the spray and the damage was, thankfully, a little more than a half-bucket worth of water on a concrete floor in a closet/crawl space; no real damage. Had the leak gone missed before being out all day, well... I fixed the last leak in no time, but the question bugs me that two copper pipes developed leaks, thankfully NOT behind any walls, but what happens the next time a leak develops and it IS behind a wall?

Of course, the hot water heater stopped being useful at this point. Called my plumber (after 9AM) and said 'you're either glad I found you because of all the business you're getting, or sorry.' The hot water heater and the pressure tank were *supposed* to be replaced over a year ago (I got busy back then) so Monday he's coming to see if he can patch the problem. If so, we'll schedule the replacements within the month. If he can't, well I may be out an extra day or too.

We're without hot water (we all showered yesterday before I cut the water -- and I'm not that ripe yet), so my much-better-half and the boys spent time at her sisters. And I am in the office tonight grabbing a bunch of hours, going home late, and getting up in time for the plumber at 8:00.

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