Friday, May 07, 2004

Salad Blogging like no other

I don't
do seafood, and I prefer McD's and Wendy's over Burger King any day. That much said, no one reviews a salad quiet like Michele. Follow her adventure in dining as she dares to sample a BK Salad:

Next up was the shrimp. At Burger King, they don't just toss a bunch of shrimp onto your salad. No, it comes separately. You know those bags you get from a Chinese restaurant when you order beef sticks (what? you never ordered beef sticks before?), the kind with the foil on the inside? Yes, a bag-o-shrimp. Said shrimp were swimming in some kind of murky brown mixture that upon first glance looked like sludge, but ended up having a much lighter appearance than first thought once the shrimp were removed from their keep-it-warm container. Now came the important part: the smell test.

I don't like my shrimp to smell too...shrimpy. Or fishy. There is no bigger food turnoff than trying to eat something that smells like Christina Agueleria's crotch. Not that I've smelled it. I just heard.

Talk about TMI!

Will the salad satisfy her hunger? What is that stuff the shrimp were swiming in? And why was the air conditioning set so cold? You can find out and have it your way by reading the rest of her review here.

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