Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Radio Daze

In my recent posts I spoke of a late night drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Late night. early morning, whatever.

To keep my eyes on the road (and hands up on the wheel) I relied on WaWa coffee and the radio. In the last few years I've become quite comfortable with talk radio, especially since I have become so bored with what passes for 'Rock N Roll', especially commercially. (music should and will be a post in and of itself, but not now)

At about 1:00 AM I started scanning the frequency and made the following observations:

  • If you think talk radio is dominated by Conservatives, you haven't listened at night
  • Possible exception: Midnight Trucking Radio Network; I heard a balanced debate of the whole Abu Ghraib situation, including excerpts of the Seymour Hersh's New Yorker article that was all the buzz on Monday.
  • Art Bell is on nearly every other station
  • While I can understand the marketing value of Radio Disney, exactly how many in their target demographic listed a 1:00AM?? Sure, its automated then (if not most of the day already), and it better to play taped content than have dead-air, but playing a tape of kids talking about mom's day? At 1:30?

    That's the take on the state of AM radio in the Philadelphia market.

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