Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Kids without conscience

Last week I commented on Kermit's Blog posting about 4th Grade Fight Club. In my comment I referenced a story where a teenage girls mother encouraged her daughter to beat the crap out of a rival (what a birthday present! Beat up an advisary at your own party!)

Well it's a week later and there's another such outrage: Girl, 14, Beaten Unconscious By Other Girls At School Dance (courtesy of DrudgeReport)

What I said on Dave's blog (above) bears repeating:

Part of the solution involves parents on the playground, and more parental responsibilty at home (good luck), but also a greater review of what behavior will be tolerated in schools and what behavior will get you expelled. Repeat discipline-problems OUGHT to get a student a ticket to what used to be called reform-schools. Having been lax in this area for far too long creates the kind of situation the above link describes.

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