Tuesday, May 04, 2004

An idea worth considering

I've been trying to get out of the habit of quoting anothers post in it's entirety, but this case is just too well made for my editing.

Michele at A Small Victory makes too much damed sense; read at your own risk:

Here's an idea.

I understand the need (or want) of television stations to run footage of Americans running rampant in Iraq or Afghanistan, helicopters firing on people who 'don't look like a threat' or the bombing of mosques (nevermind that there were terrorists in the mosques firing at us); and I understand the insatiable desire for certain countries and/or American tv stations to continually hammer home the point that war is bad and insurgents are victims and suidice bombers are victims and Bush is evil for bombing Afghanistan and Saddam wasn't a threat and oil, oil, oil, and American soldiers are bad, bad people killing thousands, no millions, no gazillions of innocent Iraq babies on a daily basis and torturing Afghan women and burning down mosques and whole villages - yes I understand why they want to do that because everyone has an agenda and everyone loves good ratings but god damn it I am going to raise a million dollars and open my very own tv station that airs nothing but images of 9/11, footage of mass graves, documentaries on the Kurds, news clips of suicide bombings in Israel and footage of both Saddam and bin Laden threatening annihilation upon the United States and that's going to be it for 24 hours a day seven days a week and if I have to I will tie you down to a chair ala Clockwork Orange and force you to look.

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