Monday, May 03, 2004

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Because I've been asked more than once, and because many Blogs have a 'about the author' tab, I am providing a limited one here:

For starters, I am probably unlike anyone you know, nor am I likely to be the guy you knew in high-school. If you're ever in the greater Philadelphia area, you might see me driving and talking on my cell phone (I only use my hands-free when I feel like it).

Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is the pseudonym of a long-distance commuter. The name was christened one afternoon on the Sean Hannity show, years before he went national. People who remember the likes of "Bob 'Go Starr' from NJ' know what I mean. As I spend an inordinate amount of time on that highway, and since the town I reside in barely registered on MapQuest (at the time), it was a convenient handle.

My career has covered a number of industries, largely in the tech sector. In 1988 I began as a member of a Bank Audit staff, teaching executives about this new-gee-whiz software called Lotus 1-2-3 (for you youngin's out there, 1-2-3 is the grandfather of MS Excel); this was easy for me since I was CompSci major and had worked in banking to pay my way through college. When I realized how much of a market there was in training folks, I moved over to VAR that dealt with financial applications. 1-2-3 training started to go flat, but the VAR began pushing full-financial software (first domestic, then adding multicurrency packages). Five years later I moved to a documentation position for an SAP project, then over to a Defense Contractor where I've worked on a multitude of tasks ranging from documentation, training System Administrators to Webmaster, database design, and a whole host of other things in-between.

Suffice it to say my current position makes my commute worth the effort, and I prefer the rural lifestyle at home.

When I am not driving, I am husband to my much-better-half and dad to our two sons, a Cub Scout den leader and my oldest son's side-kick in a Tae Kwon Do class (or what I prefer to call it "grunt, sweat and ache").

I write on topics that interest me, politics and humor in particular (hey, at least they're related). Your comments, agreements or opposing views are always welcomed, but flames, insults, and ad hominem attacks will be ignored. I don't attack anyone; anything I say about anyone is backed-up with, and as such I never have to resort to 'Politician X is an SOB'; I ask that anyone commenting to keep any debates on an equally a mature level.

Any questions?

UPDATE: 50 things you don't know about me.

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