Thursday, May 06, 2004

Geneva Convention relative to POWs

Kathleen reminds us of what the Geneva Convention says with regards to POWS, and it is indeed important to read:

"Geneva Convention Relative To The Treatment Of Prisoners Of War
Article 12

Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them. Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them.

As disgraceful as was the behavior of these dozen or so soldiers, I thank God their behavior didn't even come close to the level of abuse those contractors faced when they were mutilated, and dragged through the streets, not to mention the dispicable acts Jessica Lynch was said to have suffered (I suppose those fiends never read the Geneva code at all).

A pity the general outrage of the US media and that of certain politicians seems more intense this week then it was for those other incidents.

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