Friday, May 14, 2004

Farewell, Dr. Craine

Last night was the latest series finale', that of FRAISER. Dr. Craine has been a staple in our lives for over 20 years now, and the last show of the series left on notes worthy of it's 11 year run.

Another relationship ending for Fraiser -- seemingly ending, of course, because all of the previews led us to believe he would find his one, true love ... or would he?? -- another grand party thrown by Fraiser and his brother Niles that ends in near disaster, another visit from his incorrigible agent Bebe, a masterful mistake made by the cast (that of Fraiser's illness) and a wonderful final story for all of the characters. Even Eddie had a key role!

I confess that my much-better-half almost had me convinced in the final 3 minutes that he was going to SF and that his love-of-his-life would be the brunette he flew along aside. Fraiser had often ended the show with a surprise, and the finale was no different. In fact, my much-better-half was so convinced the brunette was 'the one' that she didn't even hear the flight attendant announce 'welcome to Chicago' when she said to me 'I told you it was the brunette.' For what it's worth, I am glad he moved east.

The last scene in the apartment, the final on-air goodbye, these scenes were impeccably written, a real tribute to the show and to the actors. This Blog admits he felt as if he was loosing a friend when the family said their good-byes.

I will miss the witty humor and well-written story lines (like Niles, especially those over coffee). Like M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Friends, Fraiser will live on indefinitely; not the same as the evolving stories when the shows were new, but at least a frozen look back to their greatness.

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