Thursday, May 27, 2004

The countdown begins

For the sake of some clarity to those readers who do not personally know me,


I work for an IT company that specializes in DoD work.  We’ve been sub’d (subcontracted) to a primary contractor (a rather large company that many in the IT field would recognize but will remain nameless) that is tasked with logistics modernization project for the DoD.   The current project is in its 4th year; before that I worked for 6 years on a project that is now in its sunset phase.


This new project ought to have been timed properly to grab most of the people from the old project to save the jobs, both prime and subs.


Why a sub?  The DoD likes to spread its cash around, and prime contractors prefer the option of dropping subs if necessary.  My company was a partner contractor, which means we were one of the first hired and one of the last ones to be cut as the old project wound down.   Most of us should have been saved by the new contract, but that was not the case, as I am the only one from my company here.   Many of my colleagues from the prime company lost their jobs last year as the other project began to fold its tent.  One would have thought that my position was saved because I delivered skills that were needed.  Perhaps not.


Apparently, instead of waiting for the end of the fiscal year (when most job cuts occur), I’m being RIF’d (reduction in force – DoD speak) in just over two weeks.  No one has been named to replace me, but I am tasked to ensure my documentation is all up to date.


Great… not only is my job seemingly finished, but I get to make it easy for the next guy.


I am working on finding another slot I am qualified for within this project, failing that I can have my company place me elsewhere, but there are only a few projects near to the Northeast.   I need this company, the one I work for; I need the benefits.  I am making it on one salary because of it, but ‘making it’ means month to month, while waiting for the insurance reimbursements.


Things have to break my way for once, one of these days….




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